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Spicy Bloody Mary Mix

  • We’re turning up the heat with our spicy blend! For the fans of flame, this is the mix for you. infusing extract from Capsicum peppers, this mix will heighten your taste buds and bolster the experience!   

    Introducing our Spicy Capsicum Pepper Bloody Mary mix – a fiery kick that’ll set your taste buds ablaze! Picture a bold blend of Clamato juice and beef broth, infused with the intense heat of capsicum pepper. Crafted with a Southern touch, this mix features Worcestershire, lime juice, seasoning salt, celery salt, and just the right amount of Tabasco to turn up the spice. It’s not your ordinary Bloody Mary; it’s a flavorful firestorm. Garnish it with pickled okra, pepperoni olives, and a shrimp skewer for that extra Southern sizzle. This ain’t just a drink; it’s a spicy adventure for those who crave the bold, the brave, and the downright Southern hot. Sip cautiously, and let the capsicum pepper bring the heat!

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