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From the heart of South Alabama, Southern Roots blossomed with a deep sense of family and tradition. Our mission? To unite people in joyous celebration, from spirited tailgates to serene days by the water.


Introducing our award-winning Original Bloody Mary Mix—a remarkable fusion of classic Clamato juice and tantalizing spices. Crafted from a treasured 50-year-old recipe, this blend is crafted to be savored and shared, creating enduring memories with every sip.


So let's raise our glasses and toast to the best, y'all!


Cheers to Southern Roots—the embodiment of cherished traditions, the taste of home, and the catalyst for unforgettable moments.

About Us

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Meet the Crew

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Regan Owen
Director of Operations

As the Director of operations at Southern Roots Bloody Mary company, Regan boasts a decade of experience in the vibrant bar and restaurant industry. Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, Regan is rooted deeply in the local community. Beyond professional endeavors, she finds joy in exploring new locales, engaging with intriguing individuals, and cherishing moments with friends and family during downtime. Here’s to the exciting journey ahead!


Shannon Lee

Director of Sales

With over a decade in the service industry, Shannon developed a passion for building customer relationships and deepening her understanding of customer satisfaction while pursuing her bachelor’s degree at The University of Alabama. As the Director of Sales at Southern Roots, her focus is on managing client relationships and consistently ensuring customer satisfaction. 

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